Gary and Becky GentryIn the past few years Gary and I have traveled literally to the ends of the earth, the places where the roads become paths and the paths end in poverty, sickness and hopelessness. The end of the road. This is where the unreached people live. We have come face to face with people in the Philippines, in Nyamisati Tanzania, and in Ethiopia; people who have never met Christ. The people at the end of the road will never leave our hearts and our minds.

Greater revelation demands greater response.

End of the Road International Ministries (EOTR) is our response to what the Lord has been revealing to us. Our vision is that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will find its way to the end of the road. For Gary and me, it will always be about worship, and it will always be about the young.

Sometimes the end of the road refers to a geographical location, a place in the world, as it does when we speak of so many unreached people. But the end of the road can also be emotional, psychological, and financial. We want the goals of EOTR to be open enough to include helping in all kinds of "hopeless" situations.

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